Atta Mohammad Noor Pens Message to IEC and People, Says Faulty Issues Bringing Injustice to People

Atta Mohammad Noor, in a statement on facebook expressed that he and his fellow citizens took part in the voting process today to strengthen demoracy of the country and ‘respect will of the people’. However, he expresses frustration by pointing out that he notices various 2014 election fallacies being repeated yet again, possibly landing the current process into a cycle of fraud.

He brought attention to the problem of biometric devices being tricky and complex in usage. Moreover, he pointed out the lack of punctuality in the opening of polling stations across the country due to various reasons.

Furthermore, he brought to light the fact that “when voters visit the same polling centres as was printed on their tazkiras sticker, either their names do not match the list of those centres or the name of the voters of the same centers is not on the list, which causes anger and discouragement of the people. They have returned without casting their votes. ”

Citing the instance of Balkh, Atta Mohammad Noor pointed out that “the 209 Shahin corps forces are stationed by the central government, against the policy of the Election Commission to provide security for providing security of a specific centre for a specific candidate. The question is that if this was the case, why do other candidates not enjoy this privilege?
“, thus raising questions over the consistency in providing security to all voters alike.

Concluding his message, Mr Noor said that such faulty practices on election day “will lead to widespread injustice and the IEC and government of Afghanistan is responsible for that.”

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