Elections Process Not Managed Well: IECC

In a press conference, a spokesperson for IECC has expressed regret in saying that the election process has unfortunately been a mismanaged electoral event.

Adding to the criticism, the spokesperson added that 3 of their staff members were injured and the IECC has noted many irregularities in the elections which could hamper with the transparency.

Talking about observers, the IECC is of the opinion that it was not fair for disallowing IECC observers to enter some polling centres.

With respect to the complaints concerns forwarded to the IEC today, IECC has pointed out that the IEC has failed to really resolve the issues that were brought up to them on this election day.

Expressing serious concern about the election day’s management, the IECC has seemed dissatisfied with the whole electoral process today.

Spokesperson Rohani listed out all the complaints the IECC received and they as follows:
1. In a large number of polling centres, the polling stations were not open till as late as 3:30 P.M
2. A number of centres saw a delay
3. the voting material was not available for the election staff in a number of centers
4. There have been serious biometric shortcomings
5. Observers were threatened/intimidated
6. Some of the material for elections was not entirely transferred
7. The representatives of the Electoral Complaints Commission have not been allowed to enter a number of centres and not been able to monitor them.
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