IEC Issues New Decision: In places where there is no possibility of using biometric devices, the voting will proceed without biometric

The Afghanistan Independent Election Commission (IEC) has decided that in centres where there is no way to use biometric machines, voters can vote in the presence of election observers without biometric devices.

According to a statement by the IEC, “In centers where biometric machines have failed to work or not reached, technical measures should first be taken in this regard, and if this does not happen, then the devices of closed centres shall be used. In case the problem persists, people will be allowed to vote on the basis of the voter list. However, it is important that ultimately, the head of centres and the observers should report the matter to the commission in detail. ”

Meanwhile, the IEC added in the statement regarding the delay in the voting process in a number of polling centres by saying that “Those centres that were not open until 9:00 am, will be open to voters until 6:00 pm. Also, the centers which were not open until 1:00 pm today, will have voting resumed tomorrow.”

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