Biden’s Plan To Withdraw Troops By 9/11 A Grave Mistake: McConnell

Kabul: Republican senators on Tuesday lashed out at the Biden administration after the US announced its troop withdrawal plan by 9/11. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, voiced stern disapproval toward the upcoming move. The Kentucky senator called it a “grave mistake” and “a retreat in the face of an enemy that has not yet been vanquished.”

Biden “needs to explain to the American people why he thinks abandoning our partners and retreating in the face of the Taliban will make America safer,” he added.

Even South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham criticized the move. Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, the highest-ranked Grand Old Party(GOP) member on the Senate Armed Services Committee, also blasted Biden’s decision as “reckless” and “dangerous.”

This criticism comes even as there is growing concern that a hasty exit from Afghanistan could leave the country in disarray and that a civil war could take place. Troop withdrawal from Afghanistan should be conditions-based, otherwise, it will once again face the bitter experience of the past. Hasty withdrawal would worsen the situation and lead to civil war, said Afghan parliament speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani on Tuesday.

However, the US, UN and Qatar are planning a peace summit in Istanbul with the Afghan government and the Taliban to chalk out a future roadmap for the country. Taliban has refused to participate in any peace talks till the troops have been withdrawn, while the Afghan government is ready with a unified peace plan for the April 26 summit.

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