Istanbul Summit Key to Lasting Peace, Need To Ensure All Participate: Parliament

Kabul: Now, with the foreign troops withdrawing from Afghanistan and the sole burden of protecting the sovereignty of the country left with the government, Mir Rahman Rahmani, Speaker of the House of Representatives, has called on all the regional and global players to encourage all stakeholders, including the Taliban to participate in the Istanbul Summit.

The Summit, led by UN will see participation of the US, Qatar and the Afghan government which is fully ready with a unified peace plan to ensure peace and stability in the war-ravaged country.

The Speaker added that the influential actors should ask the Taliban to attend the meeting and present their demands when concluding the open discussion of Monday’s plenary session of the Power House of Parliament.

Rahmani also called on the Taliban to use the Istanbul Summit for the benefit of the Afghan people. With US President Joe Biden announcing an extension to the timeline of the withdrawal of troops from May 1 to September 11, the Taliban has refused to participate in any peace conference and has warned of violence if the May 1 deadline, set as per the Doha agreement, is not met.

With the foreign troops withdrawing, the Afghan government may face a civil war and is likely to see the Taliban wield its power in the region, if a global consensus is not reached during the Istanbul Summit. He added that the Istanbul summit raised high hopes for an end to the war and a peaceful solution to the Afghan crisis.

According to him, the existence of a regional and international consensus and the readiness of the High Council for National Reconciliation to participate in the Istanbul Summit have also raised optimism for the outcome of the negotiations.

Mir Rahman Rahmani added that the people of Afghanistan and the National Assembly consider the Istanbul meeting a historic opportunity. He added that preservation of the system, the constitution, and freedom of speech and civic values are among the most important achievements of Afghanistan’s contemporary history, the preservation of which is important and beneficial for all parties.

According to the Turkish Foreign Ministry, the main goal of the Istanbul summit is to accelerate the Afghan peace process, complete the intra-Afghan talks in Doha and reach a just and lasting political agreement.

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