First Female District Governor In Daikundi Takes Office

Kabul: Guljan Samar, the first female district governor in Daikundi province, who was appointed as district governor ten days ago by presidential decree, officially took office on Wednesday. She now forms part of the eight percent of women currently in the leadership level of departments in the government in Afghanistan.

Samar said that establishing good relations with people, striving for good governance as well as fighting corruption along with implementation of development projects were her priorities.
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Samar stressed that she will regularly report on the progress of projects and other district affairs to the local administration. The new district governor also expressed concern about the drought, adding that in cooperation with aid agencies and other agencies, he will make efforts to attract emergency aid.

Fatemeh Akbari, Daikundi governor’s economic and social deputy, said that the presence of women in the leadership of government departments is a positive and effective step towards good governance. Also, according to the deputy governor of Daikundi, the presence of 26% of women in civil service departments distinguishes Daikundi from other provinces in terms of the presence of women in government institutions.

However, the appointment of a woman to lead the local government is not new, and so far Daikundi has experienced two female governors and a female deputy governor; But this is the first female district governor to be appointed in Daikundi.

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