Pharmacists Call Off Their Strike in Kabul

Kabul: The Afghan Pharmaceutical Services Union and a number of pharmaceutical wholesalers called off their strike on Wednesday, after they announced that their demands had been accepted by the government.

The pharmacists had called for a strike on April 16 to protest against what the National Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said was a plan to divest imports of medicine to five companies. The Pharmaceutical Services Union had claimed that there were five companies who would be only given the import of medicines and medical supplies contract. The pharmacists demanded the “chain pharmacies” project and revision of list of illicit medicines.

The union had said that many containers of medicine were not allowed to enter the country at customs.

Assadullah Kakar, president of the Pharmaceutical Services Union, has however said that if the demands are not implemented, the nationwide strike would resume after Ramadan.

According to him, the National Food and Drug Administration has said that there is no “absolute” monopoly plan for the import of medicines and chain pharmacies.

The end of the strike comes as a major relief for those battling the coronavirus pandemic on several fronts in the country.

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