‘Right to Return’ Reserved With UK If Terrorism Flourishes

Kabul: Coming down heavily on the warnings of the Taliban of continued violence, the UK has announced on Wednesday that the UK and their NATO allies will return to Afghanistan for another military campaign if there is any “threat” to the UK or its allies

UK Under Secretary for the Armed Forces James Heappey said that the UK “reserves the right” to send its troops back to Afghanistan, including as part of a “unilateral” action, should it see a “threat” coming from this country again.

There are chances that parts of Afghanistan turn into “an ungoverned space” which in turn provides a safe haven for international terrorists who then can threaten “the UK homeland or to the interests of our allies”. At such times, London would not hesitate to act “unilaterally and multilaterally through NATO,” Heappey, himself a former Army officer, who served in Afghanistan, said.

The comments come even as there is growing fear that the withdrawal of troops will create a vacuum in the war-ravaged country which the Taliban might take advantage of. Heappey added that the Alliance would “go back in if those security situations deteriorate to such extent that our national security is threatened”.

Even the US recently stated that it reserves its power to retaliate if the terrorist activities once again flourish in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the peace summit in Istanbul, on which many had pinned their hopes, has been postponed indefinitely because the Taliban has refused to come to the negotiating table.

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