New Chapter In Afghanistan’s International Relations: President Ghani

Kabul: The withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan after 20 years will not isolate the country from the global community, but it would rather start a new chapter in Afghanistan’s international relations, said President Ashraf Ghani at the Water and Electricity Week program held on Tuesday at the Presidential Palace.

Emphasizing that there will be no change in the economic aid sector, the President said that the government would present a clearer picture to the Afghan people on how to boost economy from domestic sources and redefine international resources.

He also said that the Afghan Air Force and Security Forces will continue to be funded and that there will be no problems in funding their equipment, assuring that international aid will not end.

This is a new chapter for Afghanistan as the country will be given the opportunity to achieve freedom, democracy, commitment to peace, national unity, Islamic identity, neutrality and international neutrality. He added that in the current context, international neutrality is a necessity.

He added that the arms of the republic are open to all; because the republic does not belong to him or anyone else and belongs to all Afghans.
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According to the Biden administration, the international forces will leave Afghanistan by September 11 this year and have already started this process.

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