Islam Qala Border With Iran Closed To Curb Spread Of COVID-19 Mutant Varitant

Kabul: With the coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc across the world, the governor’s office in Herat province in a statement on Thursday announced that Iran has closed the border of Islam Qala starting April 29 to curb the spread of the mutant variant of COVID-19.

However, transport and transit activities between the two countries have not stopped. Dr. Noor Ahmad Mohammadi, head of the Safari Clinic in Islam Qala, informed that an average of 2,000 passengers enter Afghanistan from Iran every day.

Mohammadi added that at present “we have health efforts for this number of people, but if the number of returnees increases, it will be better to have more medical supplies.”

During the first wave of COVID-19 pandemic, Herat was regarded as the center of the outbreak due to its proximity to Iran and the influx of Afghan immigrants.

According to official statistics, the total number of Covid-19 patients in Iran has reached more than 2,438,000 and a total of more than 70,000 have died. In Afghanistan, the total number of cases stands at 59,576, while the number of reported deaths is 2,618 and the total number of recoveries is 52,974, till April 28.

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