Now, Govt Services Online at Afghanistan Post Company

Kabul: The Afghan Post Company on Sunday launched an online system of facilitating government services to the people.

Currently, the department is only providing online certification services offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but soon it will include all services of government departments, said Wahid Wais, head, Afghan Post Company. According to him, the company has identified 150 types of public services wherein people face problems and their goal is to resolve these issues.

In the new system, people can refer to the website designed by Afghan Post and input necessary information to request the services they need, and then, visit the nearest post office. With a code, users of this system can easily identify the stage of their work and if, they have a problem with the Internet.

Afghan Post officials say that after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, services of the Ministries of Justice, Interior/Home Affairs and Education will be included in the first phase.

Obtaining government services has always been a problem for Afghan citizens as they have complained about the paperwork and time-consuming nature of these services. Officials at Afghan Post now say that preventing wastage of clients’ time and creating transparency will be the main focus of the online government services.

The designers of the new Afghan Post website say that their system is an open system which is easy to use and has the ability to connect to the online system of other government departments.

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