Preservation Of Constitution Is Roadmap to Peace: 2nd VP

Kabul: The main axis of President Ashraf Ghani’s roadmap for peace is preservation of the constitution and its continuation in order to prevent the system from disruption and collapse, said Sarwar Danesh, second vice-president (VP), on Sunday.
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The VP, who was speaking at the introductory ceremony of Zabihullah Kaleem, the new acting attorney general, said that Afghanistan has had nine to ten constitutions throughout history as whenever there was a collapse, the constitution was also repealed and replaced by a new law.

Danesh argued that repealing the constitution itself meant a rupture, and that the government’s leadership emphasized on the need to preserve it.

Reiterating the need to revise old laws, the second vice-president referred to the amendment of the current constitution and how everyone has a positive opinion about the amendment. “At least 18 years have passed since the current constitution, and naturally this law needs to be revised, and especially for peace, the acceptance of a constitutional amendment is of special value,” he added.

The amendment to the constitution, Danesh added, should be based on mechanism and methods set out in the law itself. He stressed that in order to amend the constitution, the people’s vote and especially the holding of the Loya Jirga should be taken into account.

According to Danesh, in a state of peace or war, elections are a key element of the political system, and that is why the government leadership emphasizes on holding elections. He also said that as per Ghani’s roadmap for peace, the government leadership is ready to hold early elections under the auspices of the international community, whenever an agreement is reached.

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