Any Transfer of Power In Afghanistan Must Ensure Continuation of Political, Security Order: Danesh

Kabul: Any transfer of power in Afghanistan must be based on elections and votes of the people, to ensure continuation of the existing political and security order, said Sarwar Danesh, the second vice-president, on Tuesday.

The second VP also raised the issue during a meeting with NATO Senior Civilian Representative to Afghanistan Stefano Pontecorvotse on Tuesday.

Danesh reiterated in the meeting that elections are one of the most important and fundamental achievements of the Afghan people in the last two decades which guarantees the legal and political legitimacy of the system.
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“Peace must lead to the stability and perpetuation of the existing political, security and administrative order and prevent the collapse of the system and repetition of a bitter past,” he added.

Danesh also said that the Afghan government, in order to ensure peace in the country, emphasizes the continuation of the system and constitution and amendment of the law after the peace agreement; But the plan of interim government is not acceptable.

The second vice-president said that the discussion about the type of political system in Afghanistan, whether presidential or parliamentary system or centralized or decentralized system, can be raised when the ground for amending the constitution is provided so that these discussions can be considered realistically. It must be a system that is acceptable to all, he added.

On the other hand, the NATO civilian representatives said that the transfer of power in Afghanistan should be such that it leads to peace, stability and preservation of the achievements of the Afghan people.

The representative said that NATO, in accordance with its commitment, will provide financial and military support to the Afghan security forces until 2024, after which it will continue to support them.

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