Taliban Attack Repulsed In Herat

Kabul: Local officials in Herat province said that the Taliban attack on the entrance gates of Herat city has been repulsed.

A statement from the Herat governor’s media office said that 100 Taliban insurgents were killed and several others were wounded, across the city, during air and ground attacks by the ANDSF with the support from the popular forces, over the past 24 hours.

However, the Herat governor’s media office said hundreds of families, including women and children, have been forced to flee their homes due to Taliban attacks in residential areas. Aref Jalali, the chief physician of the Herat Regional Hospital, told the Etilaat Roz Daily that 10 people, including four civilians, were killed and 78 others, including 48 civilians, were injured in clashes in the city on Sunday. The Taliban have yet to comment.

Governor Abdul Saboor Qane told the daily on Sunday that a joint clearance operation was underway in several areas of the city. Herat residents are urging the government to take immediate action to repel Taliban attacks.

Meanwhile, security sources in Parwan province told the media that the Taliban offensive in the western highlands of Charikar had been repulsed. According to these sources, five members of the popular uprising were killed in the attack.
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However, one source said that the Taliban had suffered more casualties in the attack. The Taliban have not yet commented. The group had previously attacked west of Charikar. The west of Charikar has borders with Ghorband, which is now under Taliban control.

Also, the ANDSF repulsed Taliban attacks in Achin and Spinghar districts, killing nine insurgents and wounding five others. Two ANDSF members were also killed during clashes as per the Nangarhar Governor’s Office. In fact, as per the Nangarhar Governor’s Office, during an operation conducted by the NDS special forces in Jalalabad’s PD8, an ISKP targeted killer was arrested along with a suspect with a pistol and 2 magazines.

Meanwhile, local officials in Ghazni province confirmed that a civilian was killed by a DShK bullet fired by the Taliban in Jaghori district of the province. Ehsan Sharifi, acting Jaghori district governor, told Etilaat Roz daily that the incident took place on Sunday in al-Ghazar village. Sharifi added that the victim was hit while collecting crops.

Sharifi also added that in the past five days, one civilian and another military member have been killed in the Hotqul area of Jaghori. The civilian was a 12-year-old girl who had been killed by a Taliban mortar shell in Chahardeh village. According to Sharifi, a soldier was wounded during a clash with the Taliban in Hotqul and later succumbed to his injuries at a hospital in Kabul.

He also said that in the past five days, three other civilians have been injured in the area as a result of heavy Taliban firing. The Taliban are yet to comment on the matter.

Also, President Ashraf Ghani met with a number of kochi (nomad) elders and representatives at the Presidential Palace on Sunday evening. At first, the Kochi delegates expressed their full support for the system, the flag, the president’s national plans and the peace process, emphasizing that they were ready to defend the country as in the past. They praised the president’s efforts for peace, national projects and attention to the Kochis.

President Ghani said, “We have worked hard for peace, but the Taliban are responsible for the war, killing and destruction. If they are Afghans, they should come [to the negotiating table] so that we reach a conclusion.” Addressing the nomadic elders, the president said, “You have full authority on my behalf. Go to the Taliban for [holding] a Jirga. If Mullah Hebatullah is alive, find out which cave he entered and hold peace Jirga with him.”

Ghani said that my duty is to protect the system so that peace can be established within the framework of the system. I have repeatedly told the Taliban that we are authorizing the people, setting the stage for elections, and that I am ready to hand over power to whoever the people elect as my successor. At the end of his speech, the President said: “It is time to lay down the gun and make a joint effort for the development and welfare of the people,” as per the Presidential Palace.

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