Security Forces Ask Residents To Stay Away From Areas Of Conflict

Kabul: As the violence is spreading to cities now, in an announcement by the 215th Maiwand Army Corps it has asked the residents Lashkargah city to leave the areas as soon as possible and go to safe places if the terrorists move in their houses.

“The enemies of peace of the people in the last few days have started their extensive attacks on the city. The ANSDF have responded decisively to the terrorists’ movements and inflicted heavy casualties on the terrorists in the past few days, and will launch extensive ground and air operation to clear the city of terrorists. Preventing damage to the people and their homes is our priority, but terrorists are fighting the ANDSF by using civilians and their homes as shield,” the announcement read.

“We will fight hard against the terrorists and the enemies decisively to protect the peace and life of the people, and the ANDSF will do their best to return the people’s life to normal as soon as possible. We assure the people of Lashkargah that no living terrorists will leave Lashkargah,” it concluded.

Meanwhile, Sami Sadat, commander of the 215th Maiwand Army Corps, told the media that “Early this morning, the Taliban tried to attack the Lashkargah prison, detonating several IEDs behind the prison wall but were unable to enter the prison. The Taliban were killed there and their bodies were left there and were defeated.” The Ministry of Defense said that the operation against the Taliban has begun and 77 Taliban have been killed in the city since Monday.

Also, commenting on the civilian deaths, UNAMA said, “There is deepening concern for Afghan civilians in Lashkargah as fighting worsens. Latest reports show 118 civilians injured and 40 killed within last 24 hours as Taliban continue ground assault and Afghan Army attempts to repel. The UN urges immediate end to fighting in urban areas.”

UNAMA added that civilians are bearing the brunt as fighting enters Afghanistan’s cities. “At least 10 civilians killed, 85 wounded in Lashkargah and at least five killed and 42 wounded in Kandahar in the last three days alone along with thousands being displaced,” it said.

So, in a joint statement, the diplomatic missions of Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, the EU delegation, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, the Office of the NATO Senior Civilian Representative, Sweden, the UK and the US condemned Friday’s attack on the UN compound in Herat that resulted in the loss of a life and also the subsequent violent incidents involving the UN compound on Saturday. “Any attack on a civilian humanitarian facility protected by international law should be investigated as a possible war crime. The Taliban must stop denying their involvement in human rights violations and follow the rule of law to investigate and prosecute those responsible in their ranks. The Taliban’s offensive is in direct contradiction to their claim to support a negotiated settlement of the conflict and the Doha peace process,” the statement said.

It added that along with the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, it demands the Taliban to allow humanitarian assistance access the millions of Afghans in need. They called for an immediate end to the ongoing violence and for a permanent and comprehensive ceasefire and for an inclusive political settlement that safeguards the human rights of Afghans, particularly women, children and minorities.

Meanwhile, the 203rd Thunder Army Corps Commander Dadan Lawang arrived in Ghazni province on Tuesday along with other senior security officials. The purpose of the visit is to assess the general security situation in Ghazni province and take serious military action against the existing security threats. In a security meeting between the security delegation from Gardez and local officials of Ghazni province, Governor Mohammad Daud spoke about the ongoing security situation in the capital and all districts of the province, the existing threats and the security situation.

The Governor praised the hard work and dedication of the heroic Afghan security forces against the enemy in all areas of the province, but called for serious attention to the needs of the security forces. Lawang spoke about the security situation in Ghazni province and the activities of the ANDSF in the southeast. At the end of the meeting, Lawang assured that immediate steps would be taken to eliminate security threats and ensure long-term security throughout Ghazni. He also made some recommendations to the security officials of Ghazni province to improve the current security situation in the province and the people living there to live in a secure environment, as per the Ghazni Governor’s Media Office.

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