Taliban Attack Repulsed In Sar-e Pul

Kabul: The Taliban launched attacks from several directions against Sar-e Pul prison and the main highway security belt, which faced strong resistance from the brave ANDSF and sustained heavy casualties.

Also, Faqir Mohammad Jawzjani, provincial police chief, arrived on the battlefield, closely controlled the situation and foiled the enemy plot, as per the Sar-e Pul police headquarters.

Also, as per the Ministry of Interior, the ANDSF will work in full coordination to free the people of Lashkargah, Helmand province, from the evils of the insurgents. The Taliban use civilians as shield and their homes as strongholds, which sometimes hinders the speed of operations.

Also, Herat health officials said that an explosion in Haji Abbas area of Herat city’s PD9 has killed three people and injured 10 others. Aref Jalali, the chief physician of the Herat Regional Hospital, said that the dead included two women and a man, and the wounded included two women and eight men. He added that the health condition of the injured is critical. Reportedly, an IED was placed in a minivan, which went off on Monday evening.

Meanwhile, unidentified gunmen shot dead Imdadullah Hamdard, an advisor to Nangarhar provincial council, in Jalalabad city on Monday evening. Provincial officials said that Hamdard was targeted in front of his house in Majboor Abad area of Jalalabad’s PD4. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the incident.

Also, as per the Kunar’s provincial governor’s office, at a gathering, tribal elders, religious scholars and youth from three districts of Kunar, announced their full support for the ANDSF. Tribal elders, clerics and youths from Pech Dara, Wata Pur and Chapa Dara districts gathered at the center of Pech Dara district yesterday and announced their strong support for the ANDSF.

The tribal elders also took joint decisions on strengthening security in the districts, unity of the people, formation of 20-member committees at the district level and a number of other important issues. Pech Dara District Governor Mawlawi Enayatullah Rahmani said there were strong tribal structures and agreements to strengthen security and local governance. He said there was good coordination between the local administration, the people and the security forces and together they were preventing the implementation of the enemy’s evil aims in the district.

This comes even as Foreign Minister Mohammad Hanif Atmar met with Stefano Pontecorvo, NATO’s Senior Civilian Representative for Afghanistan. During the meeting, the Foreign Minister praised NATO’s cooperation with Afghanistan over the past two decades and welcomed NATO’s commitment to continuing the organization’s diplomatic presence in Afghanistan and to continuing training cooperation with the ANDSF, especially the training of special forces.

Atmar also spoke about the importance of necessary legal adjustments in the documents of the bilateral cooperation agreements between Afghanistan and NATO, taking into account the evolution of relations between Afghanistan and NATO. Considering the importance of NATO-Afghanistan strategic relations, Pontecorvo spoke about the role and plans of the organization to strengthen and enhance the capacity of the ANDSF, and the security of Hamid Karzai International Airport and its importance for the continued presence of diplomatic missions in Afghanistan, international organizations and the continuation of international development assistance. Pontecorvo also proposed to Atmar the establishment of an academy to train Afghan personnel to manage and lead the country’s airports, which was welcomed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Atmar also met with Deborah Lyons, UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, on the current developments, peace talks, the escalation of Taliban attacks on cities, Taliban’s human rights abuses and the group’s crimes against humanity. The Foreign Minister strongly condemned the Taliban attack on the UN office in Herat province. Expressing concern over the escalation of Taliban attacks on populated cities and centers, he called the group’s inhumane crimes intolerable for the people and government of Afghanistan. Atmar called on the international community to prosecute the perpetrators of this war crime using international structures and mechanisms.

Atmar also emphasized the role of international institutions, including the International Criminal Court and the United Nations Human Rights Council, in investigating, documenting and punishing perpetrators of recent war crimes in the country. Noting that the priority of the people and government of Afghanistan is immediate ceasefire and reaching a comprehensive peace agreement, the Foreign Minister called on the United Nations and the international community to put pressure on the Taliban to stop the killing of Afghans and find a political solution. Lyons thanked the ANDSF for their timely support and response to curb Taliban attacks on the UN mission in Herat province, and expressed grave concern about the escalation of Taliban attacks on cities and the killing of innocent people. Lyons also cited the high level of civilian casualties and potential threats to employees of charities and international organizations as serious causes of the failure of humanitarian aid and development projects, and stressed the need to stop it immediately.

Atmar also met ambassadors and representatives of regional countries and focused on six key areas, like the security situation; presence of foreign fighters alongside the Taliban; the dire humanitarian situation; the Taliban’s widespread crimes and human rights abuses; the government’s new security plan, and important areas of cooperation with the international community.

Atmar said that the spread of violence in recent months have killed more than 3,000 people, displaced more than 300,000, and disrupted order and services in half of the country’s districts. Currently, 18 million people are facing a dire humanitarian situation. The foreign minister said that the Taliban attacks were carried out in direct collusion with more than 10,000 regional terrorists (Lashkar-e-Taiba, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, Ansarullah, Jundallah, al-Qaeda, East Turkestan Islamic Movement, Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan).

Atmar said that the Taliban’s war crimes were indescribable. He cited the massacre of more than 100 people in Spin Boldak district, the forced marriage of women, the destruction of more than 300 public infrastructure, and the closure of services in Taliban-controlled areas. Atmar also clarified the government’s regional and global security and diplomacy plans.
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He said that the government’s security plan will be prepared and implemented soon in coordination and support of all political and social strata in order to strengthen the government’s positions in strategic points and metropolitan areas. He also referred to the joint program of the government and human rights organizations to document Taliban crimes and hold the Taliban accountable worldwide.

At the end of the meeting, Atmar spoke on the four pillars of cooperation with the international community, including repelling Taliban attacks on metropolitan areas; preventing human catastrophe and human rights abuses; accelerating the peace process, and implementing the six-month security plan.

During the meeting, regional countries and the UN expressed their support for the immediate cessation of violence and the strengthening of the peace process. Lyons said that the attack on Herat and the UNAMA office showed that what was promised was not being carried out. She added that this is not just an Afghan struggle, but a struggle that we should all pay close attention to. Referring to the current difficult situation facing Afghanistan and the international community, the Turkish ambassador said that we need to act in a coordinated manner in addressing the issue of Afghanistan.

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