Khalilzad Assures Afghan Government Not Locked Out of Negotiations

The U.s Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad has reportedly assured Afghan government that it won’t be locked out of discussions and negotiations with the Taliban.

Khalilzad wants representatives of Afghan society to engage in talks aimed at ending the war between the Western-backed government and the Taliban.

Now that the US envoy is making another visit to the region, he is clearing the air about certain things, firstly reassuring Afghan government.

“Ghani and many Afghan politicians felt that the U.S. was shutting them out of the peace talks,” NY Times was told by a close aide to Ghani.

“Khalilzad cleared the differences by meeting top Afghan politicians, civil society members and women to prove that U.S. will not isolate Afghans during next round of peace talks,” he said.

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