Bipartisan Bill Requires Congressional Oversight of Afghanistan Peace Process: US Senate

Two US Senate Foreign Relations Committee lawmakers have introduced a bipartisan bill that would establish congressional oversight on any peace deal process to end the now 18-year war in Afghanistan.

The committee’s top-ranking Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez (N.J.) and his colleague Sen. Todd Young (R-Ind.), introduced the “Ensuring a Durable Afghanistan Peace Act,” which would require congressional oversight “for U.S. diplomatic efforts to achieve a political solution to the conflict in Afghanistan and any agreement that emerges from that process,” according to a statement from the two.

“Unfortunately, like other war powers discussions, Congress has taken a backseat in the debate over the future of our mission in Afghanistan while the conflict has descended towards a stalemate,” Young said in the statement.
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“As we pursue negotiations with the Taliban and work to end our involvement, Congress must be a part of the process to ensure that our mission is brought to a responsible end.”

The legislation comes after President Trump in September declared peace talks with the Taliban “dead.”

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