Sheikh Ali District Of Parwan, Saighan & Kahmard Districts In Bamiyan And Chakhansur District In Nimroz Cleared Of Taliban

Kabul: The Ministry of Defense has announced that the Sheikh Ali district of Parwan province has been cleared of Taliban fighters.
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Fawad Aman, deputy spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, wrote on his Facebook page that the Sheikh Ali district had been cleared of Taliban fighters on Friday night.

According to him, as a result of the operations of the security and defense forces and the mobilization of the people, the Taliban fighters suffered heavy casualties and some of their weapons and ammunition fell into the hands of the security forces. Sheikh Ali district of Parwan province fell to Taliban fighters about a week ago.

Also, as clashes continue in various provinces, the Defense Ministry said on Friday that Afghan National Defense and Security Forces retook the control of Saighan and Kahmard districts in Bamiyan and Chakhansur district in Nimroz in the last 24 hours. “In an operation that began this morning, districts were retaken in a short time by security forces, and the country’s flag was raised back on the districts,” Bamiyan governor Tahir Zuhair said on Friday.

The Ministry of Defense said the operations by Afghan security forces are underway to push back the Taliban attacks on cities and to retake the areas that are under Taliban influence. “Operation by the ANDSF to retake districts that were under the influence of the enemy is underway,” Defense Ministry spokesman Rohullah Ahmadzai said.

Taliban claimed on Friday to have entered the city of Sheberghan, the center of Jawzjan province in the north, but local officials said the attacks were pushed back. “People are mobilized and have taken arms in all streets and there is no problem at the moment,” Jawzjan Police Chief Khwajah Jilani Abu Bakr said. Reports suggest that the security situation in the city of Taluqan, the center of Takhar, is concerning. “We are legitimate, and the country is ours. God willing, victory is ours,” said Pir Mohammad Khaksar, a commander of public uprising forces in Taluqan. “All their offensives were pushed back. We have taken positions with a group of security forces and the public uprising forces,” Takhar governor Abdullah Qarluq said. Also, one person was killed and six more were wounded in a magnetic bomb blast in the city of Kunduz on Friday morning, the provincial police said.

On the other hand, the Afghan Air Force carried out an attack on the Sarghalam Bazaar in the Shohada district of Badakhshan on Thursday, which, according to local sources, also resulted in civilian casualties. The attack took place at 1:30 pm in the main square of Sargholam Bazaar.

The Ministry of Defense said that in this attack, the deputy shadow district governor of Taliban was killed along with a large number of members of the group and another prominent commander was wounded. A video released from the address of the Ministry of Defense shows that two Humvees were also targeted. Locals said that Mawlavi Amanuddin, a prominent Taliban commander, and his men were present in the area, but left an hour earlier and went to the Zardio area.

A number of Taliban insurgents held a meeting at the Shohada District Police Command where the planes mistakenly targeted the education building instead. Eight civilians, including a doctor, were killed and 13 others were wounded at the Sargholam clinic, as per locals. The videos, which were reviewed by Hashte Subh daily, show that a large part of Sargholam market, education building and clinic in this district have been destroyed.

Also, security officials in Kapisa confirmed that Aziz-ur-Rahman Tawab, the deputy governor of Kapisa, had been killed in a clash with Taliban fighters in the Afghaniya Valley in the Nijrab district of the province.

A security source told Hashte Subh daily that the deputy governor of Kapisa was killed at 2:00 pm on Friday. According to him, the incident took place when there was a face-to-face battle between security forces and the Taliban in the Kuh-e Khaki area of the Afghaniya Valley. According to the source, the deputy governor had gone to Najrab Kapisa to motivate the security forces and lead the war.

Meanwhile, local officials in Parwan province confirmed that a pilot of the Afghan Air Force was killed in a shoot-out by unknown individuals in Bagram district of the province. Lala Shirin, Bagram district governor, in Parwan province, told Hashte Subh daily that the incident took place at the intersection of Qalay Nasroy in Bagram. The incident happened at 6:30 pm on Friday.

Bagram district governor emphasized that according to police findings, Nasrullah Kushan, a pilot of the country’s air force, first clashed with gunmen and then died. No individual or group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Also, after the fall of Kandahar’s Spin Boldak district, Daman district police chief Abdul Wadud told his forces to leave several checkpoints. A security source told Hashte Subh daily that Commander Abdul Wadud had robbed ordered everyone to leave the security checkpoints and steal the equipment of checkpoints. The Deputy of the Ministry of Interior, General Abdul Rahman Rahman, has requested the police chief of Daman to be introduced to the judiciary.

Kandahar governor’s spokesman Bahir Ahmadi confirmed the news and said that Daman district police chief Abdul Wadud had been referred to the prosecutor’s office by the deputy interior minister on charges of negligence and was currently under police custody.

In other news, according to the decision made by the provincial military council of Kandahar, starting from 9:00pm to 5:00am tonight (July 16) until further notice, all movement is banned in Kandahar. Residents of all 15 districts in the city should abide by the curfew terms and stay at home, without fact a serious problem, and fully cooperate in providing security, as per Kandahar governor’s office. The governor’s office reduced curfew hours, and now it starts from 10:00pm to 4:00am, due to complaints by local residents. Also, as the security situation has deteriorated across the country, Sar-e Pul’s provincial military council has decided to ban motorcycles across Sar-e Pul city until further notice. Culprits will face serious consequences and their motorcycles will be confiscated.

Also, Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum, the leader of the Afghanistan Islamic Movement Party, who spoke online at a meeting, said that the forces under his command in the north of the country had not received any help from the government. Marshall Dostum answered reporters’ questions at an online meeting in Kabul on Friday. He said a number of government spokesmen said they would not provide weapons or ammunition to those who were not part of the Afghan army and had not been trained.

He stated that a large number of people have come out voluntarily to defend the country and should be supported. According to Marshal Dostum, 170 people under his leadership who are fighting the Taliban in the north of the country are registered as uprising forces. Marshal Dostum noted that when he called the NDS chief, he had sent him only two million afghanis.

He added, “Two thousand people are fighting there, with two million afghanis how will we buy ammunition, livelihood and ammunition, buy fuel for their cars or buy medicine?” Dostum said that his son Yar Mohammad Dostum, told him, “We have received a report that they have bought 2,000 bullets or 5,000 bullets. Imagine, there are more than 2,000 people, Is 2,000 bullets or 5,000 bullets enough for them?”
Meanwhile, Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum clarified that he had repeatedly told the presidency and the Security Council: “One day we will be grounded. We must hire commanders of popular uprisings. Our soldiers and army is young,” he told the presidency and the National Security Council.

Marshall Dostum said that for the past 20 years he had been repeating to the authorities the plan to use the forces of popular uprising; but it was not heard. Dostum added that if his words were heard, the government would prevail, the geography would be narrow for the Taliban, and the districts would be liberated from the Taliban. The leader of the Islamic Movement Party stressed that such a situation has occurred in the country due to poor management.

Marshal Dostum also spoke about the situation in Sheberghan, the capital of Jawzjan province. He added that the war is taking place five kilometers from the city of Sheberghan and the city center is safe and quiet.

Meanwhile, Atta Mohammad Noor, the former governor of Balkh, called on the Taliban to make peace or they would be severely repressed. Speaking to a group of hundreds of his armed supporters, Noor stressed that if the Taliban did not abide by the peace, the group would fight back with war. Atta Mohammad Noor called on his supporters to prefer “martyrdom” and to “boldly stand up and defend their land.” He said that the forces under his command are on standby and would fight alongside the regime against the Taliban if peace is not accepted.

Hundreds of Atta Mohammad supporters in Mazar-e-Sharif took up arms and prepared to fight the Taliban. Noor called on the Taliban to abandon the war and return to the peace negotiating table. “Our war is for peace,” said the former governor of Balkh. “Do not let your nation be trampled by a handful of ignorant, and self-serving elements in the proxy wars of foreigners,” he said.

Noor told the gunmen under his command to lay down their arms now if any of them are unable to confront the Taliban. Atta Mohammad Noor said, “Our expectation is that you stand up boldly, stand up manly. Anyone who is not capable of war should lay down their weapons from now on. Anyone who wants comfort should be in a place where they feel comfortable right now. The former governor of Balkh emphasized that he has all kinds of weapons at his disposal. “We have artillery against the enemy, we have tanks, we have facilities, we have everything,” he said. Atta Mohammad Noor’s supporters took up arms after Taliban fighters reached near the city of Mazar-e-Sharif. Noor has led operations on the front lines of the war several times. Atta Mohammad Noor has now left for Doha as a delegation to negotiate with the Taliban.

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