Joint Operational Unit Created In Herat City

Kabul: The joint urban garrison unit was created to respond quickly to security and criminal incidents in the city of Herat. General Abdul Sabur Qane, Governor of Herat, congratulated the garrison on its establishment and said, “This unit operates under the supervision of a single commander in order to respond quickly to incidents, take urgent measures to curb crime and provide security.”

The governor announced a 24-hour duty for military generals, who will lead the provincial coordination center. General Kheyal Nabi Ahmadzai, the commander of the Zafar Corps, also praised the establishment of this center.

Also, Herat governor and acting interior minister met tribal elders. During the meeting, which took place on Sunday evening, Kamran Alizai, Chairman of the Provincial Council of Herat expressed support for the security forces and they are ready to cooperate with the security forces. The Acting Interior Minister thanked the people for their cooperation. The governor of Herat, stating that Afghanistan and Herat are the common home of all Afghans, assured that the role of all tribes in the civil and military administrations will be strengthened and the military cadres of Herat will be used more favorably. General Khayal Nabi Ahmadzai, the commander of the Zafar Corps, invited the people to introduce their capable youths to serve in the ranks of the National Army.

In other news, a senior Taliban member was wounded in a mine explosion in Faryab and five of his bodyguards were killed. Mufti Ismail, a senior member of the Taliban, who had entered Shirin Tagab district of Faryab province on Sunday, the placed bomb in his vehicle which detonated and he was accidentally wounded and five of his men were killed, as per the Faryab Police press office. Also, 259 people have been admitted to Kandahar’s Mirwais Regional Hospital in the past five days, due to fighting, traffic accidents, and criminal acts in some parts of the city, officials said on Sunday.

According to the hospital officials, in the last five days, 16 dead, 11 injured in criminal acts, 58 injured in traffic accidents, and dozens more were brought to the hospital from different parts of Kandahar due to fighting. Meanwhile, fighting has intensified inside Kandahar city since Saturday night. According to Sadiq Isa, a spokesman for the 205th Atal Army Corps, 11 Taliban insurgents were killed during a security operation in the PD15 last night. Residents in Kandahar told Hashte Subh daily that the Taliban were approaching the city center and had reached PD3 last night.

Also, Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed the recent Human Rights Watch and other verified independent sources’ report on documenting the Taliban’s violence and crimes, and strongly condemns these reprehensible crimes. The reports by verified independent resources and media indicate that the Taliban forces perpetrate in areas under their control unpardonable and prosecutable crimes, including illegal arrests, arbitral killings, torturing civilians, forced marriages, and violation of basic human rights, particularly women’s rights, MFA statement read.

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan calls on the international community, human rights agencies, and the International Criminal Court (ICC) to cooperate with the Afghan Government in preventing the Taliban’s organized atrocities and prosecution of the perpetrators to put an end to impunity in Afghanistan. The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, while appreciating the independent verified international agencies’ efforts in confirming the Taliban’s non-compliance to their international commitments and the Doha Peace Agreement, stresses the need to convene an extraordinary meeting of the Human Rights Council and dispatching a fact-finding delegation to assess and follow up on the Taliban’s violations and crimes against humanity.

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