Over 5,587 Civilians Killed And Wounded Due To Taliban Violence

Kabul: Afghanistan state ministry in peace affairs on Thursday published its four-month report on civilian casualty, which demonstrates a surge in violence by the Taliban.

The report states that the Taliban have conducted 22,000 attacks against Afghan National Defense and Security Forces which have left hundreds of thousands of people displaced. The report is published one day after many youths protested against the ongoing conflicts in Kandahar province which have displaced various families.

As per the report, a total number of 5,587 civilians were killed and wounded as a result of 93 suicide attacks, 650 rocket shells, 1,675 mine explosions, and 844 assassinations by the Taliban.

Meanwhile, 24,609 Taliban fighters have been killed and wounded as a result of ANDSF operations in the time span mentioned, reads the report. The statement released by the ministry further reads that foreign troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan has prompted the Taliban to escalate violence. The statement too blamed regional intelligence for encouraging the Taliban to gain victory militarily.

As per the report, 621 schools have been shut by the Taliban fighters which has led to 42 percent of students be devoid of education.

Sayed Abdullah Hashemi, head of monitoring the reduction of violence at the state Ministry for peace Affairs, said that since the beginning of the current solar year, violence by Taliban militants has increased by 35 percent. Speaking at a news conference on Thursday, Hashemi said that 2,566 civilians had been killed and 3,021 wounded in Taliban attacks since the end of last solar month.

Hashemi said 650 women and 925 children were among the dead and 290 women and another 888 children were among the injured.

Meanwhile, as a result of the recent clashes in Sheberghan, the capital of Jawzjan province, more than 6,000 families from around Sheberghan have been forced to flee their homes. For the past two months, clashes between government forces and Taliban fighters have been raging in villages around the city of Sheberghan. Officials from the Jowzjan Department of Refugees and Returnees said that they have distributed food items to more than 3,000 war-affected families over the past two months with the help of all-inclusive institutions.

Abdul Malik Rostami, head of the Jawzjan Department of Refugees and Immigrants, told the Subhe Kabul daily that the families had been displaced from 53 villages in Sheberghan following the recent fighting. These villages are located south of Sheberghan on the Jawzjan-Sar-e Pul highway No. 2, where currently fighting between the security-defense forces and Taliban fighters.

Rostami says that due to the war situation and the need of the displaced for food, clothing, health and housing, aid from partner institutions should be increased. He wants to set up a large refugee camp in the city of Sheberghan. According to Rostami, in addition to the displaced people from this province, a large number of residents of Faryab and Sar-e-Pul provinces have also taken refuge in the city of Sheberghan.
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He said that at present, the first need of the displaced in the city of Sheberghan is cash. He hopes that non-governmental aid organizations will understand the Department of Refugees’ concerns about the situation of the displaced.

Large numbers of displaced people have lost their livelihoods, such as agriculture and other local resources, because they have been displaced from villages and districts. This situation, in addition to the lack of timely assistance from the government and international organizations supporting migrants, has left many of these IDPs without access to health assistance in addition to food security.

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