Government Will Never Surrender To Taliban: Ghani

Kabul: President Ashraf Ghani assured that there is no intention or a deal to surrender to the Taliban.

Ghani told the cabinet meeting that they are living a dignified life, and it’s time for determination and will, warning that the Taliban will not see surrender even if they wait another hundred years. Ghani added that the responsibility for the bloodshed and destruction lies with the Taliban and their supporters.

The Presidential Palace stated that Ghani also briefed the cabinet on recent developments, the revival of ANDSF, recruitment within the ANDSF ranks, particularly Special Forces, Commando, and special units.

Also, local residents of Pachir wa Gam district, Nangarhar province, held a gathering to announce their support for the ANDSF. They warned that anyone who cooperates with the Taliban has to pay a fine of 500,000 Afghanis, their residence will be set on fire, and they will be handed over to the government. Locals assured that they will not support the Taliban, will stand against the Taliban along with the ANDSF, and if anyone gets involved in destructive activities, local ulema, elders, and youth will implement this meeting’s decision.

Meanwhile, National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib announced that seven new Black Hawks, aided by the US, will arrive in Kabul next week, and the Afghan National Army will gradually take over the warplanes, to help change developments on the ground. Mohib told a news conference that the security agencies are working to control the situation and repel Taliban attacks, and the Afghan Air Force are focused on the war, after two weeks of serious work.

Mohib said that those who have picked arms to cooperate with the system will be organized within the ANDSF, added that the people appeal to the government to liberate their districts and the ANDSF are cooperating with them, and claimed that the ANDSF have so far recaptured 14 districts. Mohib said that the government and people expected the Taliban to agree to a ceasefire and resolve their problems during the peace negotiations, after the withdrawal of fore forces; however, the Taliban launched their unannounced war instead of making peace, and the people are now confronting them.

Mohib accused the Taliban of increasing their propaganda, with a government backing their propaganda network; however, governance does not mean taking over a district building, but providing services. Mohib added that the government continues to provide services across districts, captured by the Taliban, and assured that the situation is improving and government’s rule will soon be restored in these districts. Mohib said that regional countries, including Tajikistan and Russia, are concerned about terrorist groups, which are directly fighting the countries, and that the government is in contact with Tajikistan, which is relocating its soldiers for its own security. Mohib revealed that about 2,300 ANDSF members, who had vacated their bases due to the lack of air support, and facilities and equipment, have rejoined their ranks.

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