Single Center Established To Process Documents For Exports Products

Kabul: Herat’s Provincial Governor Abdul Saboor Qane, Acting Finance Minister Mohammad Khalid Payenda, Industry and Commerce Minister Nisar Ahmad Ghoryani, and traders opened a single center to process the documents of exports products in Herat city.

Qane said that the center will enhance economical, industrial, and trade growth in the province, and added that the Taliban cannot halt the country’s improvement with an increase in violence.

Ghoryani said that the center will accelerate the process of exports, as processing the documents of exports goods required several days previously; however, the center will process such documents within an hour under a single roof.
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Payenda said that the Ministry of Finance is trying to create a balance between exports and imports to support exports. Presidential Advisor on Exports and Domestic Products Affairs, Jalaluddin Saeed, said that the center is important in strengthening exports and supporting domestic products and farmers.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Afghanistan currently makes a revue of $1 billion USD from exporting fresh fruits, and the center will help to increase the revenues by 50%.

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