Iran-Afghanistan Rail Cooperation Agreement Passed

Kabul: Iran’s Parliament on Monday passed the Iran-Afghanistan Rail Cooperation Agreement which allows rail connection between the neighboring countries.

Both the countries had agreed to create a direct connection through railroad to transfer passengers and goods. According to the agreement, the two sides have agreed to provide rail vehicles and services and implement sanitary supervision in accordance with international rules, while domestic rules are valid where an issue occurs outside of international conventions.

The agreement also states that the two sides must treat passengers and goods from the other side the way they treat their own.
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This applies to free access to destination points, providing space for cargos in terminals, unloading and uploading of cargos, onboarding and offboarding passengers, and using international railroad services.

Islamic Republic of Iran Railways and Afghanistan Railway Authority have been chosen in the agreement as qualified authorities to supervise implementing the agreement and to solve disagreements.

Iran and Afghanistan linked their railway through Iran’s Khaf and Afghanistan’s Herat.

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