Taliban’s Economic Blockade Of Districts A Crime: AIHRC

Kabul: The Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) has said that a number of districts are currently under economic siege by Taliban insurgents. A statement issued by the Commission on Sunday stated that people could not have access to basic necessities, food and services by blocking transportation routes.

The continuation of this situation is worrying and must end before it leads to a serious and pervasive humanitarian crisis and catastrophe, the statement said. It stated that using the economic blockade as a tactic of war is a denial of the right to life and liberty and is a crime.

The commission added that transportation routes should be opened as soon as possible so that people affected by the drought and the outbreak of the coronavirus can access basic goods and services.

Meanwhile, the Senate House has called on the security services to change their war strategy. Senators on Sunday, in a plenary session of the Senate after examining the situation in the country, stressed that the security agencies should change their approach to the war.

According to the Senate press office, the senators said that the security situation in Farah, Ghor, Helmand and the northern provinces was worrying, and that the approach of the security agencies to change the current situation should be changed.

The Senate added that military and professional cadres should be appointed to military posts without political interference or conflict of interest. “The Taliban’s crime has no borders and this group is attacking the great interests of the country in a certain scenario,” the Senate press office quoted the senators as saying.

Referring to the escalation of the war in the country, Senate chairman speaker Fazl Hadi Muslimyar said that the revision of the war policies of the security forces is justified in the current situation.
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The senators pointed out that citizens no longer tolerate so much oppression, violence and massacre, and that saving the country from such a state of war requires a measured national solution and the nationwide resistance to domestic and foreign fighters.

The Speaker of the Senate stressed on the need for politicians to be united in the current context of the war and the outbreak of the third wave of the coronavirus. Muslimyar added that the government should do more to mobilize the elders and the people to support the system and the security forces.

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