Terrorism Threat Still Serious; Require Continued NATO Cooperation: MoFA

Kabul: The Foreign Ministry welcomed the joint statement issued by the NATO Summit in Brussels and said that the Government of Afghanistan appreciated the support and cooperation of NATO in the fight against terrorism and the establishment and capacity building of security and defense forces and institutions over the last two decades.

A statement issued by the Foreign Ministry on Tuesday said that terrorism remains a serious threat to the security of Afghanistan and NATO member states, and that combating it requires continued and strategic cooperation.
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“In the new chapter of relations with NATO, the Government of Afghanistan emphasizes on the importance of its cooperation in maintaining and strengthening the achievements of the last two decades, including the protection of the Afghan security and defense forces, the rights of women, children and minorities,” the statement said. “It emphasizes on the freedom of expression and the rule of law and the joint fight against terrorism.”

The one-day summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member states was held in Brussels on Monday and ended with the issuance of a joint statement on various issues, including Afghanistan.

The Joint Statement of the NATO Summit concludes its mission and the beginning of a new chapter in relations with Afghanistan, reaffirming its commitment to continue to support the people and government of Afghanistan in maintaining the achievements of the next two decades in Afghanistan. Emphasis has been placed on standing by Afghanistan’s defense and security forces, as well as continuing NATO’s civilian presence in Afghanistan.

NATO has stressed that if a political agreement is reached, it must be ensured that Afghanistan does not once again become a safe haven for terrorist groups.

Meanwhile, the UK Ministry of Defense has chartered aircraft to move military personnel between Kabul and Birmingham International Airport. Lasting 8 days, the use of charter aircraft will cost £1.1 million. The first charter will last from the June 18- June 21 and cost £740,000.

The second charter will last from the June 22- June 27 and cost £375,000. The contract award notice for both the first and second charter states that the firm ‘Air Charter Service’ has won the tenders. On their website, the firm explains that they have experience in arranging cargo aircraft charters to hostile environments.

“We have considerable expertise in arranging cargo aircraft charters to destinations that are difficult to reach, whether that be either an isolated location or a hostile environment. ACS also has extensive experience in mass evacuations requiring multiple aircraft to move survivors out of affected areas rapidly. We can deliver essential items such as humanitarian aid, industrial materials, consumer goods and much more,” it stated.

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