HCNR Chairman Warns That Fall Of Districts Does Not Have Only Military Consequences

Kabul: Abdullah Abdullah, the chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR), said that the fall of the districts not only has military consequences, but also causes irreparable damage to the process of humanitarian aid, public facilities, women, children and schools.

Abdullah made the remarks on Wednesday at a meeting entitled “Ensuring ceasefire and Achieving Peace” in Kabul. The meeting was organized by Human Rights commission and the United Nations Women.

Abdullah had also said on Tuesday that the district handovers to the Taliban are not pre-planned. According to Sapidar, Abdullah also said at the meeting that there should be no additional concern for the country’s security and defense forces. “We must support the security and defense forces of the country in every way, and this is the responsibility of every citizen,” he stressed. “They are strongly defending Afghanistan.”

Abdullah added that in order to get out of the current situation, it is necessary to provide a clear vision to the people of Afghanistan, perseverance and national unity. Abdullah also referred to the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan and said that preparations had been made for the withdrawal of these troops. According to him, the people of Afghanistan had to be mentally prepared for the withdrawal of foreign troops.

Abdullah also added that with the announcement of the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, an emergency situation arose and the Taliban has used it to intensify the war. According to Abdullah, “women are the main victims of violence”. “The war is raging; but the Taliban cannot and must not be defeated by a military victory. The international community and the Afghan people want an immediate ceasefire,” he said.

Meanwhile, Elita Miller, the UN Special Representative for Women in Afghanistan, told the meeting that women were being targeted for silence. Shaharzad Akbar, head of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, also stressed on the importance of women’s significant participation in the ceasefire and the peace process, and said that women should play an active role in the entire peace process and use their experience and expertise.

However, Abdullah Abdullah has said that the issue of gender is a serious issue and that a women’s representative will be present during the negotiations.

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