All Areas Of Gizab District Except Police HQ Collapses To Taliban

Kabul: Lali, the police chief of Gizab district of Uruzgan province, on Wednesday announced that after a Taliban attack, all parts of the district but except the Police HQ have been fallen to the Taliban.

“The Taliban have taken over the buildings of the district, and the only police headquarters’ building is under government control, and all other surrounding areas, including the bazaar, have been taken over by the Taliban,” he told RFE / RL on Wednesday.

According to him, they already knew about the Taliban offensive plan, but despite informing the relevant departments in Kabul and the provincial capital, they did not receive any help.
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The police chief of Gizab district said that if additional forces do not arrive, the district could fall completely to the Taliban.

Security officials in central Uruzgan have not yet commented on the incident, nor has the Taliban commented on the matter.

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