COVID-19 Spread Serious, Lack Of Oxygen A Concern: Majrooh

Kabul: The Acting Minister of Public Health, Vahid Majrooh, on Wednesday, stated that the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) infection in the country has become a serious crisis, not because the Ministry of Health had problems with the health staff or hospitals, but because the challenge now is the lack of oxygen devices for patients.

“We do not have a problem in terms of skills, personnel, coordination and administrative and political support of the government and partner agencies. Our only problem is the lack of oxygen,” said Majrooh.

“There are currently two hospitals in Kabul with all the medical equipment for coronavirus patients; however, there is not oxygen. We have seven oxygen factories in Kabul; but because of the great need, they cannot fulfill the commitment,” he added.

According to the Minister of Health, oxygen is saved in public hospitals, while in the private sector, oxygen is wasted in large quantities because patients pay, and even in some cases a patient can use three sets of oxygen at the same time. “I hope that the media conveys the deterioration of the issue to the people,” said Vahid Majrooh, while criticizing the people’s inattention to non-compliance with health orders.

He emphasized that if the people continue to ignore the health recommendations of the Ministry of Health, not wearing a mask and not observing social distances, there will be a deadly crisis that the Ministry of Health will not be able to solve.

“We will not die in two weeks at home,” he said, however, “two days of carelessness can lead us to death,” he added.

“Our capacity is limited, we cannot provide oxygen supply for all Afghan citizens. Our expectation is that you do not let us see your suffering, tears, sorrow and misery under a ventilator mask,” he said.

In recent weeks, however, the number of people infected with the coronavirus has risen sharply in the country. According to statistics published by the Ministry of Health on Thursday 1,509 new positive COVID-19 cases were reported, of 4,392 samples tested during the last 24 hours.

The MoPH also reported 34 deaths and 107 recoveries from the virus during the period. The total number of cases now stand at 76,653, while the total reported deaths are 3,068.

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