On World Environment Day, NEPA Asks Citizens To Use Natural Resources Judiciously

Kabul: On the occasion of World Environment Day (June 5), the National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA), has called on the citizens of the country to use land, water, air and all other natural resources that are entrusted to human beings in a judicious way and protect them.

“The environment is a legacy for humans from the past and should be inherited properly for future generations. Natural resources have been created for balanced use and must be used sustainably. It has also been said that animal and plant organisms are links in the ecological cycle that should not be destroyed,” statement issued by the agency said.

The agency stated that the world is currently facing many environmental problems, and that Afghanistan’s environment is no exception. In addition to war and insecurity, air, water and soil pollution, climate change, destruction of green areas and natural resources, desertification, plastic pollution, noise and visual pollution and unplanned urban development are some of the most serious environmental problems in Afghanistan.

The National Environmental Protection Agency has said that it is trying to manage environmental problems by developing comprehensive programs and policies, but alone it has not been able to meet all these environmental challenges.

It has emphasized that all relevant government agencies, national and international institutions, the private sector and all segments of society must fulfill their legal obligations in this regard. It added that one of the main causes of environmental degradation in Afghanistan is the low level of public awareness of environmental issues and the lack of respect for their values.

To this end, the United Nations has chosen this year’s World Environment Day slogan as “an effort to revitalize the ecosystem”, and with this slogan, World Environment Day is celebrated in most countries of the world.

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