First Radio Station in Turkmen Language launched in Jawzjan

The first Turkmen-language private radio station in Afghanistan launched today in Sheberghan city, the capital of Jawzjan province.

“There are many radio stations in Afghanistan, but there was no specific radio for the Turkmen people, so we decided to launch this radio with the help of our Turkmen people,” Bashir Hakimi, the owner of Turkmen Radio, told Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan-Nai.
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Turkmen Radio will broadcast from 6 to 12 pm, including political, social, religious and cultural programs.
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According to Nai, the radius of coverage of this radio will be up to one hundred kilos and its waves can be received in six districts of Jawzjan province.

Afghan Turkmen people live mostly in the northern provinces of Afghanistan and their language remains more dialectal and so far no significant work has been done to develop this language.

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