Imposition of Restrictions on Children’s Rights, Freedoms Contrary to Human Rights Principles: AIHRC

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) says the right to education, freedom of expression and access to artistic skills are fundamental rights of all children, without discrimination on the basis of age or sex and all boys and girls can exercise their rights equally and freely within the law.

AIHRC statment comes as the Afghanistan’s Education Ministry is barring schoolgirls older than 12 from singing at public events,

Schoolgirls older than 12 will only be able to sing at events that are “100 percent attended by women,” according to a letter of the decision shared with the media.

The rights body said, “The imposition of any restriction on the rights and freedoms of children is contrary to the general principles of human rights, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the national laws of Afghanistan, in particular the Constitution and the Law on the Protection of the Rights of the Children.”

The commission said it is expected that any decision of the Ministry of Education to refuse children to participate in public meetings and programs, celebrations and receptions, does not promote gender discrimination.

The decision has sparked outrage on social media platforms as people compared the government’s decision to the Taliban’s ideology.

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