Women’s Presence Decreases in Afghanistan Media: Nai

Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan-Nai, says a new survey shows that the number of media outlets in the country has increased, but the number of media workers, especially women, has decreased in the provinces.

At a press conference in Kabul on Thursday, Nai said that the number of female journalists had dropped by 90 percent in Kandahar, 40 percent in Nangarhar, and 20 percent in Balkh, but a 5 percent increase in Kabul.

The poor security situation, the assassinations and the targeting of social activists, especially journalists, have raised concerns among journalists and media outlets.

Nai stated that the poor security situation has displaced more than 30 journalists, some of whom have left the country.

Abdul Mujib Khalwatgar, the Chief Executive of Nai, said the survey focused on five provinces in Afghanistan.
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“In Nangarhar province, female journalists have lost 40 percent of their media coverage. In Herat, we see fewer women appearing in the media, which shows that some media outlets do not even have female employees. In Kandahar, we see a 90 percent decrease in women presence,” he said. “Balkh is witnessing a 20% decrease in women’s presence. Due to the decrease in female journalists in the four major cities of Afghanistan, we are witnessing a 5% increase in the presence of women in the Kabul media.”

Mr Khalwatgar said that although 17 percent of journalists in Afghanistan were women, 40 percent of the total number of female journalists had been killed, indicating that female journalists were more likely to be targeted by terrorist attacks.

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