Ghani to Not Transfer Power to Successor Without Elections

President Ashraf Ghani today in a seminar entitled “Foreign Policy Priorities and Reforms in Afghanistan’s Diplomatic System” said that he will not transfer power to his successor without elections.

President stressed that he will be ready to transfer power to his successor if Taliban accept elections.

He stated that 42 years of war have been going on and Afghans, like other nations in the world, have the right to live.

Appreciating the US “urgency” for peace in Afghanistan, Ghani said: “We have 100 times more urgent than any other country in the region and the world to achieve peace, but we are going forward based on realities to ensure lasting peace.”

This is the second time that President Ghani has called for early elections since the new US peace plan, which includes the option of an interim government.

The new US plan is also set to be discussed at the Moscow and Ankara peace summits.

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