IRA Peace Team Members Virtually Met with Herati Women, Ulemas

Fatima Gailani and Ghulam Farooq Majrooh, members of the Negotiation Team of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, have met with some Ulema (religious scholars) and women of Herat province thorough an online meeting.

According to IRA peace team, during the meeting, the participants shared their views, questions, and demands regarding the peace negotiation process with the negotiation team members.

The negotiation team members briefed the meeting on the current status of the peace negotiations process in Doha, saying that the negotiations between the two sides’ contact groups are ongoing and that the partner countries’ views in the peace process are always received.

Speaking about the upcoming meetings in Russia and Turkey, they said that these meetings’ results are expected to be useful for the negotiation process.

They also spoke about the collective efforts of the negotiation team members as a group to defend the demands of women and all segments of the society.

According to them, the Afghan people would make the final decision on the negotiations’ outcome, and they will spare no effort to fulfill the Afghan people’s demands.
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The negotiation team members said that ceasefire and ending war is a commandment of Allah (Hukm-e-Ilahi).

Also, the ceasefire is necessary for building trust and demonstration of willingness from both sides. They added that the people’s demand is to ensure peace and stability, the rule of law, a prosperous life and the implementation of the commandments of Allah (Ahkam-e-Ilahi), and the willingness of the nation must be respected.

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