Afghan Delegation Reiterates Commitment for Political Settlement in Afghanistan: Abdullah

The Afghan delegation concluded two days visit to Moscow to attend the ‘Extended Troika’ peace conference on Afghanistan, hosted by Russia, said Abdullah Abdullah, the chairman of High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR).

“We, on behalf of the Republic of Afghanistan and the HCNR, welcomed the timely initiative of Troika and reiterated our commitment for a political settlement in Afghanistan,” Abdullah said.

“We called for the acceleration of the negotiations, boosting of the Doha talks, an immediate end of violence, targeted killings and a comprehensive ceasefire. We also insisted on protection and development of citizens’ rights and especially women’s rights in any peace settlement,” The chairperson of HCNR asserted.

“We considered Moscow’s Conference a step forward to boost Doha talks and support Turkey’s peace conference on Afghanistan. We also welcomed the UN Secretary-General
appointment of John Arnault as his personal representative in Afghanistan,” Dr. Abdullah said.

The Afghan delegation also welcomed the strong Joint Statement of Extended Troika on Peaceful Settlement in Afghanistan, and their support for the acceleration of the peace talks.

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