Friends of Afghan Women Ambassadors’ Group Supports Calls of Afghan Women for Ceasefire, Peace

Friends of Afghan Women Ambassadors’ Group today announced support for the loud and consistent calls of Afghan women for a ceasefire, and condemned the continued targeted attacks on and threats against women carry the pain of the conflict in their everyday lives.

The group in a statement said that women from across Afghanistan have reaffirmed that peace not only means the absence of war, but freedom from all forms of violence and coercion, respect for human dignity, justice, human rights, and equality for all.

“We support the calls, by Afghan men and women alike, that the gains made by women are preserved in negotiated poitical settlement. We have heared Afghan women tell us of the importance of religious and community leaders raising their voices for women’s fundamental rights to engagement in all social spheres, to education and work opportunities, and to protection from violence wherever it may take place. We therefor welcome the many statements by Afghan, regional and global Ulema that affirm the centrality of women’s rights within Islam,” the statement said.

The statement stated that experienece from around the world shows that sustainable peace depends on women’s equal and meaningful engagement in politics, governance, institution building, the rule of law, the security sector and reconstruction efforts.

“Women play a key role in bringing diverse perspectives to the negotiating table and developing consensus. We urge all parties to the conflict to make more space in leadership and peace structures for women- particularly in decision-making roles, but also roles, but also as advisors and experts in a range of fields. Afghan women’s full, equal, and meaningful participation in the peace process will be essential to a durable political settlement and the rebuilding of the country.”

“Afghan women have bravely stepped up-often at great personal risk- to call a sustainable and just peace. We reiterate our support for them. We shared their hopes for a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan-today, and every day in the future,” the statement added.

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