A New COVID-19 Case Reported in Daikundi; Province Faces Shortage of Equipment

Health officials in Daikundi province say one of the province’s health care workers has contracted the coronavirus.

Ishaq Ali Darman, head of public health department in Daikundi province, told Reporterly on Thursday: “the test of one of our health personnel has been positive, but he has no symptoms and we have expelled him and quarantined his family.”

The head of Daikundi’s health department said that the number of people suspected of having coronavirus in Daikundi has reached 49 so far, and their samples have been sent to the center for diagnosis.

“The situation in Daikundi is deteriorating, the virus has entered the social sphere and this is the first person who has not traveled abroad. There is very little protection against the coronavirus in Daikundi,” he said.
According to Darman, a 50-bed hospital for the corona patients will be equipped next week, and the process of hiring 50 staff for the hospital is practically over today.
With the new case of coronavirus, the number of people infected with the virus in Daikundi has reached five patients.

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