PreCheck Announces Exclusive Distribution Agreements for Coronavirus (COVID-19) PCR Test in Afghanistan

A distributor of medical screening devices for use by physicians in managing a patient’s health, announces it has entered into a new exclusive distribution agreement with Co-Diagnostics Inc.

This agreement gives the Company the exclusive distribution rights to Co-Diagnostics’ qPCR infectious disease kits, Logix Smart COVID-19 PCR diagnostic test and Co-Dx Box™ instrument, in Afghanistan.

This agreement follows the execution of agreements with Co-Diagnostics for Russia, Ecuador, Panama, Romania and Moldova.

PreCheck’s eleven combined distribution territories have an aggregate population of 298 million.

Co-Diagnostics’ Coronavirus COVID-19 PCR test is the most accurate test to detect the presence of the COVID-19 infection.
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Co-Diagnostics has announced that it was the first U.S. Company to obtain a CE marking for a COVID-19 test.
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