42nd Bulgarian Military Contingent Ready to Join NATO Mission in Afghanistan

Bulgaria’s 42nd military contingent has been found to be “combat-ready” for participation in the NATO-led train, advise and assist Mission Resolute Support in Afghanistan, the Bulgarian Defence Ministry has said in a press release.
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The degree of preparedness, the skills and abilities of the command and the personnel of the contingent designated to carry out assignments during the forthcoming mission were evaluated by a Joint Forces Command (JFC) board chaired by Colonel Yulian Petrov, Chief of the JFC Joint Training Department.

That was the first certification of a Bulgarian Armed Forces element to be conducted according to NATO’s new Allied Command Operations Forces Standards (AFS) Vol. VII – Combat Readiness Evaluation (CREVAL).

The national element, the guard company and the staff officers of the 42nd contingent were found to be combat-ready.

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