EU Calls for Through, Transparent Investigations on Killing of 3 Female Media Workers in Nangarhar

The European Union (EU) has called for a through and transparent investigation on the killing of 3 female media workers in Nangarhar province.

“Horrific news from Jalalabad city on the killing of 3 young female media workers from Enikass TV.The cowardliness knows no limits, killing innocent civilians is a war crime punishable under International Humanitarian Law,” EU said in a statement.

EU stated that these attacks serve one purpose: to spread fear and limit the freedom of speech.

“We expect that these cruel acts are thoroughly and transparently investigated, and that those responsible are brought to justice,” the statement said.

“We call on the government to ensure the protection of journalists. The EU, together with its member states & partners will continue its support to media in Afghanistan. Our thoughts go to families, friends and colleagues at Enikass TV,” EU added.

Three women who worked for Enikas TV station in the city of Jalalabad have been shot dead on Tuesday afternoon.

The TV officials say the women, aged 18-20, were killed in two separate but co-ordinated attacks. A fourth was critically hurt.

The three women killed had recently finished high school and worked in the dubbing department of the privately owned Enikas TV station, said its head, Zalmai Latifi.

Mursal Wahidi was attacked by gunmen as she was walking home. The two others – who were identified only as Shahnaz and Sadia – were killed in a separate incident, also while returning home.

Enikas TV station says of 10 women it employed, four have now been killed including a presenter, Malalai Maiwand, who was gunned down in December.

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