AIHRC Reacts to Security Forces’ Operation in Herat

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) says there have been serious complaints about police actions in the Jabriel township of Herat province, killing and injuring civilians.

AIHRC in a statement on Saturday said that the improper use of force by the police was a matter of concern.

The rights body called on the security institutions to adhere to the police law in dealing with defendants, public law, human rights and citizens, with the aim of protecting their lives, property and public interests, and to be accountable for their actions.

The commission also called for a thorough and results-based investigation by the authorities responsible for the incident and for the victims, compensated for the damage done to the people and a guarantee by the government to protect the lives and property of civilians in such operations.

Last Wednesday, security forces launched an operation to arrest Habibaullah Ghoriani, a local powerful in Jabriel area of Herat.
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The operation was led by the Herat’s Governor Sayyed Vahid Qatali.

As a result of this operation, 2 people were killed, 39 people were injured and more than 20 others were arrested. Most of the victims were civilians.

The Herat local government has accused Habibaullah Ghoriani and his men of beating several citizens of Herat and injuring two people in recent days.

The Herat local administration has also accused Mr. Ghoriani of having irresponsible gunmen and involving in drug-trafficking.

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