Extensive Fire at Sheikh Abu Nasr Farahi Customs for Second Time

Local officials say a fire broke out at Abu Nasr Farahi customs in the Farah province on the border with Iran and has not yet been contained.

The provincial governor Taj Mohammad Safi said that at least four fuel trucks have been damaged and efforts have started to extinguish the fire.

Traders say one of the traders ‘oil tankers caught fire and two of the traders’ oil tankers have been burnt so far.

Farah Governor described the blaze as “severe” and said there were no facilities to contain it in the port of Abu Nasr Farahi.

According to the governor, they are trying to ask Iran for help in controlling the fire. He did not elaborate.

Pictures posted on social media show that the fire is widespread in the port of Abu Nasr Farahi.

This is the second fire in Farah customs in the last two weeks.

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