Approval of Laws on Anti-corruption and Corruption Informants Protection in Afghanistan

In a joint news conference at the Government Media and Information Center (GMIC) on Tuesday, the Afghanistan Special Anti-Corruption Secretariat, in coordination with the President’s Office of Administrative Affairs and the Ministry of Justice, has announced the approval of Anti-corruption law and Corruption Informants Protection law.

The senior adviser to the Ministry of Justice, Mohammad Ashraf Rasuli, said that the Anti-Corruption Law was prepared and enacted in five chapters and 40 articles and the Corruption Informant Protection Law in five chapters and 33 articles, according to the two decrees of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

“The Anti-Corruption Law is developed based on Afghanistan’s commitment to the United Nations Convention against Corruption and the obligations of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy, toward creating more structured and law-abiding anti-corruption institutions.
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Corruption has been developed in the country”, The head of Special Anti-Corruption Secretariat, Dr. Yama Torabi, said.

According to him, the law was prepared as it prevents the activities of parallel anti-corruption agencies, makes their activities legal and brings under an umbrella.
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Meanwhile, in this law, there are mechanisms and provisions to protect the corruption informants from any kind of harm.

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