Under siege of the Taliban, a tragedy will occur if we do not receive backup: Local Police Commander Gochli

Security officials have reported a Taliban attack and the siege of ALP commander in Qala-e-Zal district of Kunduz province.

Taliban attacked Nabi Agha’s, nicknamed Nabi Gochli, check post last night, said Anamuddin Rahmani, spokesman for the Kunduz police headquarters.

Rahmani stated that commander Gochli and his local police forces were in the siege of the Taliban, but he has managed to resist so far. He also emphasized that backup forces were also deployed to the area.

Mr. Gochli announced his siege on a Facebook status and said he has not yet received any ground or airborne backup. He warned that if backup is not deployed, a terrible tragedy may occur.

Commander Gochli is one of the most famous anti-Taliban commanders in Kunduz, who has so far survived several assaults from Taliban.

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