21 Contracts Approved by National Procurement Commission

The NPC has approved 21 contracts on Tuesday with total value estimated to be AFG 4.9 billion.

Th NPC meeting was held in the Presidential Palace and chaired by President Ghani.

Some notable contract approvals include construction of 7 kilometers between Kabul and Logar, ring road construction of 1.
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4 kilometers in Mazar Sharif city, road construction from Khoshi to Mohammad Agha district in Logar, and procurement of diesel and petrol fuel for the maintenance Salang highway.
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The meeting also approved the update of technical cooperation agreement with the UNESCO for the preservation of historical site Mes Aynak  and the construction of the a part of road from Shorabak of Kandahar to Spin Boldak district.

As per the statement by Presidential Palace, the meeting included representatives from

parliamentary commissions for the budget, economy, SIGAR, and Resolute Support Mission.

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