IEC Mounts Security Provision for Elections

The IEC has followed up with the security organisations to ensure that safety and security are properly maintained around the electoral process. The commission has also asked the organisations for help in activities like transfer of resources and counting once the voting is over.

“There are concerns that areas might be reported secure for political reasons, and that areas that are insecure are reported as being secure,” said Maazullah Dawlati, deputy head of the IEC for administration.

Security officials have confirmed that safety provisions are top-notch after they attended a meeting with IEC and NATO officials. “There isn’t any problem in terms of ensuring election safety,” said Ajmal Abidi, deputy head of the National Directorate of Security for policy.

According to the Ministry of Interior, 54,776 members of the Afghan National Security and Defense Force will be deployed to secure 5,100 polling centres five days ahead of the October 20 elections. Additionally, there will be 9,540 reserve forces in place. Moreover, Resolute Support will also be pitching in for security aid

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