Afghanistan Jumps to Top Position on Right to Information Rating

The presidential palace (ARG) has informed that the Afghanistan Access to Information Law has won the first place in RTI global rating with 139 points out of a total of 150 points.

According to Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Canada, Afghanistan ranked among the top 10 countries in the world for access to information with 139 points out of a total score of 150.

Afghanistan was 68th in 2016.

A statement by ARG says that the Afghan government will be fully cooperating in the provision of information and enforcement of the Access to Information Law  just like it did in the past, and call on the partner organizations for cooperation in implementing it.

ARG emphasized that the right to information should be institutionalized as a value in society and turned into universal culture.

Meanwhile, some media and journalists have criticized the government for not allowing much access to information.

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