Heart of Asia: China Calls for Further Intl. Cooperation for Afghan Peace Process

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Tuesday called on the international community to play a more important role in promoting peace and development in Afghanistan.

Wang made the remarks when attending the ninth foreign ministers’ conference of the Istanbul Process on Afghanistan via video link.

The current peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan is at an important juncture and the political settlement of the Afghan issue is facing a historic opportunity, he said.

The international community should work together to maintain the momentum of peace talks and reconciliation in Afghanistan, increase the impetus of Afghanistan’s reconstruction and development, and adhere to the general direction of anti-terrorism cooperation related to Afghanistan.

China will do its best to continue to support, mediate and facilitate the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan, and make joint efforts with all parties in the Istanbul Process and the international community to support and help Afghanistan achieve peace and development at an early date, said Wang.

The Istanbul Process on Afghanistan was established in 2011 as a regional cooperation mechanism concerning the Afghan issue.

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