Foreign Troop Withdrawal Begins: Yasin Zia

Kabul: Stating that foreign troops are evacuating their bases one after another, Mohammad Yasin Zia, acting Minister of the National Defense and Chief of Staff of the Army, announced on Saturday that the formal withdrawal process from Afghanistan has begun in practice.

Zia, during a press conference with senior security officials in Kabul, said that there has been no change in the schedule for the withdrawal of foreign troops and work is underway regarding logistical issues. Foreign forces may evacuate the Shurabak base on Sunday, gather at their main bases in Bagram and then, leave the country.

Places where there are logistical issues, are likely to be handed over to Afghanistan by this week. The acting defense minister added that Afghanistan was taking the evacuated points.

Zia also said that there was no concern about a vacuum being created as the Afghan security forces were able to defend themselves independently. He added that forces will continue to receive help from foreign forces for air strikes.

US President Joe Biden on April 14 announced withdrawal of all forces from Afghanistan by September 11, ending the forever war. The United States has made some arrangements, including the deployment of B-52 bombers in the region and the deployment of missiles in Afghanistan to secure the withdrawal of its forces. It has also sent hundreds of special forces to Afghanistan.

The Taliban have said the delay in the withdrawal of foreign troops violates the Doha agreement, and the group is awaiting a decision from its leadership to respond.
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The Taliban have also stressed that delays in the withdrawal of foreign troops have opened the door to any “appropriate action”.

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